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Aphinya Dechalert
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Aphinya Dechalert

Angular 16 is here! (and other newsletter tidbits)

Angular 16 Is Here! First things first, we have some great news for all the Angular developers out there. The biggest update since the initial rollout of Angular has finally arrived, and it's packed with major improvements to reactivity, server-side rendering, and tooling. The v16 release includes a new reactivity...

Aphinya Dechalert

Benchmarking in Angular

Benchmarking is important — but how exactly do you do it? Benchmarking is one of those things that we often hear about but rarely do ourselves. In part, it's mostly an afterthought until performance noticeably becomes annoying slow. Slow speeds are something that Angular is prone to, in part, because it's...

Aphinya Dechalert

Angular 16 is coming - here's what we know

Angular 16 is coming this May - and with new features. I'm personally excited over signals, which in a nutshell is the new way to do reactive state management. Yes, we've got RxJS but that comes with its own convolutions. Here's a rundown of everything we know about Signals so...

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