What do you need to learn to become an Angular Master? The journey can feel overwhelming. The YouTube series can feel like it's only covering the basics. That's why I've created this Walkthrough Learning Guide to help you get started on your Angular journey. From zero to pro, these articles have been carefully crafted to help you along your Angular learning process.

This series aims to act as a reference point, guide, and mini digital handbook that you can flip through to whatever you need.

Without further ado, here's the ultimate walkthrough learning guide for Angular.

Writing takes time, so parts of these posts are locked for premium members only. This walkthrough guide is approximately 55,000 words in length, split across 23 topics/posts. For a small price, you will have access to code snippets, boilerplates, and in-depth explanations that you won't find elsewhere.

😎 Angular Beginner

Getting Started with Angular: A Quick Introduction

  • Introduction to Angular and its key concepts
  • Setting up a development environment
  • Building and running your first Angular app

Components and Templates in Angular

  • Understanding Angular components and how to create them
  • Using templates to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces
  • Working with data binding and directives

Services and Dependency Injection in Angular

  • Understanding the role of services in Angular
  • Creating and using services in your application
  • Implementing dependency injection for better code organization

Routing and Navigation in Angular

  • Understanding how Angular routing works
  • Creating routes and linking to them in your app
  • Passing data between routes

Forms and Validation in Angular

  • Creating forms in Angular
  • Working with form controls and validators
  • Implementing custom validation

HTTP Requests and Observables in Angular

  • Making HTTP requests in Angular
  • Working with Observables for asynchronous data retrieval
  • Handling errors and exceptions

Testing Angular Applications

  • Understanding the importance of testing in Angular development
  • Writing unit tests for components, services, and other application elements
  • Running tests and analyzing results

Deploying Angular Applications

  • Preparing your Angular app for deployment
  • Choosing a deployment strategy
  • Deploying to a web server or cloud platform

🤩 Intermediate Angular Developer

Advanced Components and Directives in Angular

  • Creating advanced components with custom events and inputs
  • Working with advanced directives like structural and attribute directives
  • Using Angular's built-in structural directives to manipulate the DOM

Angular Forms: Reactive Forms and Complex Validation

  • Understanding reactive forms in Angular
  • Working with complex form validation scenarios
  • Using the form builder and custom validators

Advanced Angular Routing Techniques

  • Understanding advanced routing techniques in Angular, such as nested routes and lazy loading modules
  • Using guards and resolvers to handle authentication and data retrieval
  • Working with wildcard routes and route parameters

Angular Services: Advanced Techniques

  • Using the HttpClient to make API requests and handle responses
  • Working with interceptors to modify HTTP requests and responses
  • Using RxJS to handle complex asynchronous scenarios

Angular Animations

  • Understanding the basics of Angular animations
  • Creating animations using the Angular animation API
  • Working with keyframes and timing functions

Advanced Change Detection in Angular

  • Understanding how change detection works in Angular
  • Working with OnPush change detection and change detection strategies
  • Implementing custom change detection mechanisms

Angular Performance Optimization

  • Understanding performance optimization in Angular
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks in your application
  • Using techniques like lazy loading and preloading to optimize performance

🎉 Advanced Angular Developer

Angular Security: Authentication and Authorization

  • Understanding the security challenges in Angular
  • Implementing authentication and authorization in your Angular application
  • Using guards to restrict access to certain routes or components

Advanced Angular Directives: Creating Custom Directives

  • Understanding the lifecycle hooks for directives
  • Creating custom directives for your Angular application
  • Using advanced techniques for directives like host binding, host listeners, and inputs

Reactive Programming with RxJS and Angular

  • Understanding reactive programming in Angular
  • Using RxJS to handle complex scenarios like state management and data streams
  • Creating observable-based services and components

Internationalization and Localization in Angular

  • Understanding internationalization and localization in Angular
  • Configuring your Angular application to support multiple languages
  • Working with pipes and translations to support localization

Advanced Angular Testing: End-to-End Testing

  • Understanding end-to-end testing in Angular
  • Creating end-to-end tests for your Angular application
  • Using tools like Protractor to automate testing

Advanced Angular Deployment Techniques

  • Understanding advanced deployment techniques in Angular
  • Using tools like Docker and Kubernetes to deploy your Angular application
  • Using techniques like canary deployments and blue-green deployments to deploy your application safely

Performance Optimization with Web Workers

  • Understanding how Web Workers can improve performance in Angular
  • Creating and using Web Workers in your Angular application
  • Optimizing your application for parallelism using Web Workers

Customizing the Angular Compiler

  • Understanding the Angular Compiler and how it works
  • Customizing the Compiler to improve performance and reduce bundle size
  • Using techniques like Ahead of Time (AOT) Compilation and Tree shaking
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