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Aphinya Dechalert

How old is too old to learn code?

Maybe it’s subjective filtering but everyone seems to be coding nowadays. You’ve got kids learning to code in school and the older folks celebrating their wins on Twitter and LinkedIn. There are learn-to-code books for babies, tweens, teens, adult learners, hobbyists, and tinkerers. There are games, learning guides,...

Aphinya Dechalert

Trends Come And Go, But JavaScript Is Forever

Oh, JavaScript —that child of the 90s that somehow made it from the shadows of more established programming languages like Java and the C-family — you’ve come far and flourished to a point where there’s no denial that you’re here to stay. You’re like the Harvard dropouts...

Aphinya Dechalert

7 Rules Of Writing Good Code

Good code — it’s a debatable mystery that plagues developers from all programming languages. It is often highly opinionated, vague, and at times conflicting. We all know we should write good code, but what exactly does it mean? Some say to write as little code as possible. Others say to...

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