Building – Simple Resume Maker

On a Wednesday evening, not too long ago, I decided that it was time to get a different kind of day job. But I had a problem – there was a major gap in my resume for the kind of work I want. Over the past 4-ish years, I’ve been

17th Jul, 2022

Read: 3 min read

Don't Let Dev Work Destroy Your Soul

What to do when you start questioning your career as a dev

21st May, 2022

Read: 6 min read

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How To Get A Dev Job In A Recession

Lost your dev job? Struggling to get a dev job? Here are some things that you can do.

21st May, 2022

Read: 4 min read

How To Stand Out As A Self Taught Developer

Everyone starts somewhere, but sometimes it seems like the market is saturated with others just like you. The 2–3 years of relevant experience for an entry role is no longer an anomaly. Rather it is an industry standard, especially when it comes to technology-related fields. It’s our current

26th Mar, 2022

Read: 5 min read

21 ways to increase your productivity as a developer

It’s easy to fall into a habit of being comfortable. When it comes to coding, productivity can be improved in two ways — getting good at the language you’re working with or upgrading your environment and processes incrementally.

4th Jan, 2022

Read: 8 min read

How old is too old to learn code?

Maybe it’s subjective filtering but everyone seems to be coding nowadays. You’ve got kids learning to code in school and the older folks celebrating their wins on Twitter and LinkedIn. There are learn-to-code books for babies, tweens, teens, adult learners, hobbyists, and tinkerers. There are games, learning guides,

20th Oct, 2021

Read: 4 min read

Not All Developers Are Basement Dwellers

Once upon a time, about a decade or two ago, anyone that did ‘things’ with computers was labeled as nerds. They were the folks that spent a good majority of their time hidden away from the public eye. No one really knew what these ‘computer guys’ were up to — nor

7th Sep, 2021

Read: 4 min read

Do Dev Careers Really Die At 35?

Where are all the elderly developers? Where did they all go? It’s not like they just disappeared into another realm…or did they? How did we arrive at these questions? Why does it matter? and do dev careers really start to die when you turn 35?

1st Aug, 2021

Read: 5 min read

7 Money Making Side Projects You Can Do As A Developer

So, you’ve got a day job. But you’re starting to feel drained from it. Or perhaps you just feel stuck in your code — unable to learn anything new or feel that spark that you once had. You also need/want a bit of cash on the side for

19th Jul, 2021

Read: 4 min read

How To Get Out Of Being A Junior Developer

We’ve all encountered dev memes at some point. The point of memes is to reflect on reality in some form in a humorous manner. Maybe I’m just overthinking it. Maybe I’ve reached a particular point in my coding career to not find them funny anymore. But there’

19th Jul, 2021

Read: 5 min read