12 Dev Tools To Upgrade Your Productivity

Because who doesn’t want to work more efficiently? For software developers and engineers, the number of hours worked doesn’t always correlate to productivity. Instead, it can point to inefficiencies — or being stuck on a bug for an unnecessarily long time. The ability to code quickly and efficiently can

22nd Aug, 2022

Read: 5 min read

12 Free University Courses That Will Teach You How To Code

Or pay a fraction of the price if you want to certificate Let’s get real — University education can get expensive. Or perhaps you’re contemplating switching careers but don’t want to spend 3 years back in school. You don’t need a degree to get into programming. The

8th Aug, 2022

Read: 7 min read

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Add CSV import to your Node.js app using UseCSV

CSV is convenient. The likes of Excel, Google Docs, spreadsheet export functions, and reporting applications all support CSV in some capacity. CSV works well with large data sets and the major perk is that it can easily be converted to other formats such as XML or JSON. This is where

17th Feb, 2022

Read: 5 min read

Learn React: Quick Introduction to JSX

JSX stands for JavaScript Extension. It is not JavaScript, per se, but an extension of it. This means that if you try and run JSX code in the browser, it won't work. You'd need a compiler to compile the JSX code into semantic JavaScript before anything can work. JSX was

2nd Nov, 2021

Read: 4 min read

How To Write Commit Messages That Won’t Tilt Your Teammates

We’ve all used git in some form or another. The code versioning system is an industry staple. With over 40 million users worldwide and 190 million repositories on GitHub, git is here to stay. While the concept of git is easy - pull your code, do whatever, save, add,

28th Oct, 2021

Read: 4 min read

What is Docker? - Explained Simply

A quick rundown guide without the lingo and frills Docker. It’s a little blue whale with a container sitting on its back. We hear about it from various places but it’s usually just left to the DevOps guy to deal with. Or perhaps you’ve tried to pick

23rd Jul, 2021

Read: 5 min read

10 Ways To Undo Your GIT Mistakes

We’ve all done it — deleted a file we shouldn’t have, merged things that aren’t supposed to be on the main branch, accidentally pushed up sensitive information, committing to the wrong branch… GIT is fantastic when things go as planned — but not so much when it comes to

21st Jul, 2021

Read: 5 min read

What Is SMACSS and How Does It Work?

> This piece is part of a Learn HTML & CSS series. Check out part 4 here: What is OOCSS and How OCSS Works [] SMACSS Pronounced “smacks”, SMACSS stands for Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS. The idea behind SMACSS is to break your CSS down into five

14th Jun, 2021

Read: 4 min read

What is OOCSS and How OCSS Works

> This piece is part of a Learn HTML & CSS series. Check out part 3 here: HTML, The Cascade and Ways To Think In CSS [] OOCSS OOCSS stands for Object-Oriented CSS. The idea behind OOCSS is that you can reuse your HTML structures and patterns, meaning

14th Jun, 2021

Read: 3 min read

HTML, The Cascade, and Ways To Think In CSS

> This piece is part of a Learn HTML & CSS series. Check out part 2 here: Parts Of An HTML Document And How It Works With CSS [] I started learning how to code back in the early 2000s. For context on how long ago that was

14th Jun, 2021

Read: 5 min read