How To Use filter, find, map, reduce, every, and some in JavaScript

Not everything is an object. When it comes to functional programming, it’s more to do with the processes that get you from point A to point B than how data and groups of business logic are structured. JavaScript is a language that’s prone to imperative patterns because of

19th Jul, 2022

Read: 6 min read

Add CSV import to your Node.js app using UseCSV

CSV is convenient. The likes of Excel, Google Docs, spreadsheet export functions, and reporting applications all support CSV in some capacity. CSV works well with large data sets and the major perk is that it can easily be converted to other formats such as XML or JSON. This is where

17th Feb, 2022

Read: 5 min read

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21 ways to increase your productivity as a developer

It’s easy to fall into a habit of being comfortable. When it comes to coding, productivity can be improved in two ways — getting good at the language you’re working with or upgrading your environment and processes incrementally.

4th Jan, 2022

Read: 8 min read

Bad JavaScript Practices That’s Letting Your Code Down

We’ve all done it — but the question is, are you still coding it? JavaScript is easy — especially if you’ve already got programming knowledge and experience through another language. Many newbies and veteran developers encounter JavaScript out of necessity. A good portion of the Internet runs on some form

27th Oct, 2021

Read: 5 min read

7 Ways To Make Your JavaScript Better

It’s easy to learn how to code — especially in JavaScript. Once you’ve got things running, we tend not to look back and see how we can make things better. We move forward, onwards, and upwards — to the next project, ticket, and feature release. We code tirelessly, recycling what

26th Jul, 2021

Read: 4 min read

How Do You Fix A Legacy JavaScript Monolith?

5 steps to unravel messy, spaghetti and bolognese saucy code The words ‘legacy code’ often conjures up the image of some ancient relic from a bygone time where software development lived in water plans, clunky Java-based interfaces, and strange creations that whispers I am old and riddled with security vulnerabilities.

15th Jul, 2021

Read: 7 min read

Trends Come And Go, But JavaScript Is Forever

Oh, JavaScript —that child of the 90s that somehow made it from the shadows of more established programming languages like Java and the C-family — you’ve come far and flourished to a point where there’s no denial that you’re here to stay. You’re like the Harvard dropouts

14th Jul, 2021

Read: 6 min read

7 Rules Of Writing Good Code

Good code — it’s a debatable mystery that plagues developers from all programming languages. It is often highly opinionated, vague, and at times conflicting. We all know we should write good code, but what exactly does it mean? Some say to write as little code as possible. Others say to

13th Jul, 2021

Read: 5 min read

Ways To Easily Concatenate Strings In JavaScript

Concatenation is a process of linking things together. In JavaScript, there are 3 ways you can concatenate strings together to form an output. Here's how they all work. Using the + Operator to concatenate strings The + operator lets you add two numbers together, and also allows you to concatenate two strings.

9th Jun, 2021

Read: 3 min read

How to break out of JavaScript forEach() loop

forEach() loops in JavaScript are fun to use – until you need to get out of them. Here is a short guide on how forEach() works, how to break out of a forEach() loop, and what the alternatives to a forEach() loop are. What is a forEach() loop? A forEach() loop

9th Jun, 2021

Read: 4 min read