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Aphinya Dechalert

Is PHP Dead or Alive?

PHP is something that we don’t really hear about in mainstream media. Angular, React, Node.js, and Python are all the rage nowadays. Even computer science degrees focus their efforts on Java and C languages. Meanwhile, PHP seems to be sitting in the corner, watching as everyone else gets...

Aphinya Dechalert

It’s time we talk about Object-Oriented JavaScript

Front end technology, especially JavaScript, has historically been looked down upon by back end veterans as not being a proper language. Mostly because JavaScript started off as function based language — making it immature in the ways of potential growth and what it can do. I remember back in the late...

Aphinya Dechalert

The Misconceptions of Agile

Agile is one of the most popular buzzwords that permeates across different industries. The one thing that agile implementations have in common with one another is that there is always an element of software development. While everyone seems to know what it is, there is a general lack of real...

Aphinya Dechalert

How to Cut Through Code Fog

At some point while sitting at our desks, we’ve all experienced code fog. It’s like a mixed feeling of confusion, frustration, and exhaustion. Code fog happens when you’ve tried to compile your code and it’s just not working. You’ve chopped, changed, and Googled your way...

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