weekend app

What you need to kickstart THAT idea and make it a reality

You want to make something, but you’re stuck. You either don’t know what to make, or you’re just not sure how to make it. I know the feeling. What you need is a framework on how to get started — to get the motions started and make progress

8th Oct, 2022

Read: 5 min read

Another Weekend, Another Feature Deployment

Another weekend, another feature is released — well, that’s the current game plan and so far. The thing about building apps is that we often come up with grand plans, only to have them fall short because we ran out of time. This is where consistency comes in. There’s

14th Aug, 2022

Read: 3 min read

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I made a weekend app - About Mushroom Cow

The thing about being a dev is that we tend to horde domain names. It's easy to come up with grand ideas and convince ourselves that we are going to commit to it once we have the domain name in our possession. I'm one of these people. After several years

8th Aug, 2022

Read: 4 min read