The world of front end development and design are merging into one big, interdisciplinary space — and to stay on top of your game, you need to be skilled in both areas.

Or at least have knowledge in the other.

All front end developers can code. However, when it comes to design vocabulary, this can be an entirely different matter. Having a good understanding of aesthetics and design can differentiate you from being just a good developer to one that can communicate effectively with other members in the software application process.

If you’re not a developer, having good design knowledge may come in handy in the future for projects that might require your input on user experiences. Whatever the case, extending your knowledge is always a good thing.

Without further ado, here are 18 curated resources for you to check out.

1. FastCo.Design —

The design section at Fast Company is often an enlightening read. It is also a space where design, creative thinking, and technology stories are published.

2. the Design Blog —

This blog is one to scroll through from random yet eloquent product designs. It’s good to look at other mediums of design because if you’re struggling as a front end developer to make things look visually appealing, it’s because you’re lacking in the visual vocabulary.

3. Canva —

Canva is more than just an online tool for creating visually appealing graphics. Their blog is also a good resource for self-education and skills upgrading. The content ranges from the latest trends to foundational theories.

4. Creative Market —

In addition to being a creative asset market, Creative Market’s blog content ranges from tutorials, inspiration, and design trends.

5. CreativeBloq —

CreativeBloq is a good mix of design critic, ideas and latest news with a pinch of tutorials and design guides.

6. Abudzeedo —

If you’re looking for aesthetic inspiration, abduzeedo is a good place for it. The range of curated artists gives you a list of fantastic point of reference for different styles. Their tutorials are also in-depth, easy to understand and well written.

7. Brand New —

Brand New is a blog space that tracks industry changes like logo and brand updates, giving you a visual reference of the developments big and small businesses go through in order to transform the way they are perceived and experienced by their customers and users.

8. The Inspiration Grid —

The Inspiration Grid does exactly what its name suggests — inspire. This blog spotlights creative design from around the world and presents them in a succinct form.

9. Logo Design Love —

Logo Design Love is part history and part design analysis. This is a good blog to check out for meta knowledge and historical awareness.

10. Creative Boom —

Creative Boom covers a range of editorial design and art developments around the world with art and culture topics thrown in here and there.

11. Awwwards —

If you’re a web designer, here is a fantastic space to see how others are merging creative design into the digital space.

12. Eye on Design —

Eye on Design covers industry-based stories that may have been missed by mainstream media. The stories here bring different perspectives on how to think in design and where it sits in our current state of existence.

13. From Up North —

From Up North is actually a Pinterest board that collects a range of graphical designs you can check out instead of scrolling through on Facebook.

14. Spoon Graphics —

Spoon Graphics’ blog is most likely one of the most underrated blogs out there. It’s a throwback mix of tutorials, freebies list and design articles that can upgrade your aesthetics vocabulary.

15. Creativeoverflow —

Creative Overflow is the space where business meets design. The content here is more inclined towards physical things rather than the purely visual.

16. Design Roast —

Design Roast is a good blog to check out if you’re interested in becoming a better designer. The stories covered here range from aesthetic design to making it as a freelance designer.

17. Wrap magazine —

Wrap Magazine is an artsy collection of modern and sometimes trippy art. There are no words on this blog — just an endless wall of interesting captures of modernity.

18. Inspired M —

Inspired M is a good blog to check out for design meets web kind of content. It is geared towards UX designers — which means a good selection of human interaction analysis and visual design.

Final words

Aesthetics vocabulary is built up over time. It takes experimentation, memory and the ability to recreate in order to design a certain experience for your customers, users, and audience.

That’s why it’s good to check out at least one or two of the above every now and then to build up your repertoire of awareness.

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