How to CRUD in Angular + Firebase Firestore

A complete example walk through with code snippets and full code repo

26th Mar, 2021

Read: 14 min read

How NOT to get a $30k bill from Firebase

July last year, a crowd funding campaign went viral in Colombia. It was all good and dandy in the first 48 hours. They managed to reach over 2 million sessions and over 20 million page views — with a website that stayed fully functional without a hitch. Until they saw the

26th Mar, 2021

Read: 4 min read

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How to think in noSQL with Firebase

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about noSQL data structures. The thing with SQL is that it’s very codified, with clear expectations and standardized best practices. In contrast, the fluid nature of noSQL makes it hard to put your finger on exactly what you’re supposed

26th Mar, 2021

Read: 6 min read

How to Prototype an API Quickly With Firebase Through Excel Data Import

Iterative prototypes can turn your concepts into working ideas faster than trying to get everything right on paper, only to find that it doesn’t quite translate as well onto the screen for whatever reason. As a developer, your task is to turn ideas into reality — not fiddle with Photoshop

26th Mar, 2021

Read: 7 min read

How to Create + Ways To Read Documents & Collections In Firebase

Firebase has been around for a while now. The underdog serverless cloud-based database can be rather fun to use once you get your head around it. However, the hard part is finding resources that isn’t overwhelming for newbies to read and follow along. I’m not going to lie

26th Mar, 2021

Read: 5 min read