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Aphinya Dechalert

React Components, Classes & Lifecycle Methods Simplified

Learning React isn’t hard — but sometimes you still need that reference sheet training wheel to help you along until you get the hang of balancing yourself on the code. Here is a quick summary/notes on React components and classes. In short — basically, everything you sort of need to...

Aphinya Dechalert

How To Get Good At React

Not too long ago, I committed myself to learning React properly. As a long-time software developer, I’ve been on and off React projects, depending on what the team needed. Despite what others assume about me, my personal gauge of understanding how the darn thing works is probably at the...

Aphinya Dechalert

What’s the big deal with React hooks?

React hooks are making big waves. Everyone’s talking about it but it often leaves the uninitiated thinking — what’s the big deal? It’s not often React comes out with major updates like this one. While Angular is changing its version number every 6-ish months, React is a bit...

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