Icons can make or break a design. If you're a developer, the default standard is often Font Awesome. While Font Awesome is cool and all, there are other free alternatives that you can use to spruce up your next front end project.

Here is a comprehensive directory list of 50 free icon sets that you can use for your next front end project.

  1. 100 Free Line Icons by Tyler Brooks

2. 1800 Free Minimal Icon Pack [20x20] by Alexandru Stoica

3. Point & Square Color Icons Pack by Graphicsfuel

4. 132 Line Icons by uispace

5. 70 Free All Purpose Line Icons Paolo Ertreo

6. Food Allergen Icons Sketch Resource

7. 90 free line and solid icons by Budi Tanrim

8. Tiny style-controlled SVG iconset by Dan Klammer

9. 20x20 Free Line Icon set by Significa

10. 40 Mini Icons by Trihn Ho

11. CSS Icon by Wenting Zhang

12. Colored Line Icons (SVG, PNG) by Codrops

13. Mex~icons by Inkbyte Studios

14. 120+ Free Set PSD Colorful Ficons Icons by Alex Kutuzov

15. 30 Isometric Icon Set by Graphic Burger

16. Emojious Icons (AI, SVG, PNG) by Emojious

17. Material Icons Sketch Resource by sketchappresources

18. Ink Icon Set by Great Simple

19. Dripicons V2 by Designer Fuel

20. 70 Basic Icons by xicons.co

21. gonzocons 2.0 100 Line Icons

22. 40 Design Icons by Trinh Ho

23. Graphic Design 36 Flat Icons at pixelbuddha

24. Flat icon set by Eugene

25. 1000+ Blob Flat Icons In Two Styles at FDR

26. 83 Flat Line UX And E-Commerce Icons For Free at Smashing Magazine

27. 30 Free Icons by Carolina Contreras

28. 36 Free Bank and Money Icons at Graphicsfuel

29. Pollution & Energy Icons (AI, EPS, SVG) at codrops

30. 50 company Icon Set by yunjung

31. 170 Retro Business icons at freebiesbug

32. Smashicons: 170 Retro Business Icons at Graphic Burger

33. Free Ecommerce Icon Pack + PSD / AI Freebie by Intuz

34. Weather Icons by Bora DAN

35. 222 Weather Themed Icons and CSS by Erik Flowers

36. Magicons: 2867 Flat Icons at Graphic Burger

37. Food icon by WORAWALUNS

38. Science Line Icons (AI, EPS, PSD, SVG, PNG) at codrops

39. 72 Home Appliance And Real Estate Icons at Smashing Magazine

40. World Landmark: 12 Free Icons by pugmaker

41. Vector Wi-Fi Connection Icons at web design ledger

42. Fblu free icons by buatoom

43. Summer Icons Package at Behance

44. Free responsive icons at icons responsive

45.  300+ Free Flat Color Icons at Behance

46. Happycons at UISURF

47. Material Design Flat Avatar Set at Oxygenna

48. Diversity Avatars: 30 Free Icons at Graphic Burger

49. Credit Cards at icons8

50. Ultimate Payment Icon Set Sketch Resource at Sketch App Sources

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