About Mushroom Cow

About Mushroom Cow

The thing about being a dev is that we tend to horde domain names.

It's easy to come up with grand ideas and convince ourselves that we are going to commit to it once we have the domain name in our possession.

I'm one of these people.

After several years of ownership and nothing much to show for it later, I decided to dig one out of the proverbial digital dustbin.

What did I end up making?

The simple to-do app. 😅

The why

Ok. It sounds simple but over time, I don't intend it to be.

The thing with weekend apps is that you can only do so much. Over time, I want to add more features to it - eventually bringing it up to where it's the to-do list that replaces all to-do lists.

I've used multiple systems in the past. I've done everything from Trello, Asana, Monday, Kanban boards, Notion checklists, and paper systems. But they were either -

  • too complicated, or
  • the UI just doesn't have what I want in the right places

I wanted something clean, minimalist, and to the point of what I needed to know.

The features (so far...)

  • 07 Aug - [weekend diary] - Features draggable todos, dark and light themes, get things done todo system
  • 14 Aug - [weekend diary] - Features Pomodoro with fire ambiance toggle, Pomodoro settings configuration page with calculations, focus draggable column

Where to from here?

There's a checklist of things and features brainstormed on my desk. Over time, I want to be able to use Mushroom Cow as my go-to productivity get things done app.

Why is it called Mushroom Cow?

It made sense at the time when I bought the domain name. Well, what really happened is that the domains I wanted at the time were taken. I looked around the room, mushed two words together - and ta-da! Mushroom Cow was born.

There is a bit more to this thought process but that stuff sits in the realms of marketing and branding - and for another time.

For now, I have a to-do app made in a weekend and it works.