Dev Freebies and Ways To Upskill

Dev Freebies and Ways To Upskill

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This week has been pretty intense for me - from playing with Next.js SSR and learning how to use Chakra UI.

Here's what I learned from the process of learning something new:

  • it's always hardest at the start
  • what you know doesn't become real until you apply it

As a dev, I fall into the group of domain hoarding. Over the weekend, I decided to take one out of the dustbin, gave it a little shake, and attached it to a little app I made.

What did I make?

Just another to-do list 😅

It sounds simple - and it is - but that's not the point. Complexity can't be built in a weekend. Besides, it also led me down a rabbit hole of bugs and code revelations that will probably transform into explainer posts in the future.

When new knowledge is applied, you upskill with every feature that's completed.

The app probably sucks on mobile - but it works on desktop with data persistence through local storage.  

Free ways to upskill

Making weekend apps is one thing, collecting the knowledge necessary to execute them is another.

You can't implement what you don't know - but you can synthesize solutions based on previous things you've encountered. is a fantastic free resource that covers major programming patterns in a simple and easy-to-understand way. There's also a community section that links to patterns for Vue, Angular, and React.

Everything in programming is essentially some sort of pattern. Once you learn them, it becomes like lego.

If you're more hands-on than theory, Code Crafter's Build Your Own X is a fantastic directory to check out. From augmented reality to making your own text editors, this GitHub repo contains a range of tutorials that you may find interesting.

For more structured learning, here's a list of 12 university-level courses that you can take online for free.

Tech news

Google released a new programming language called Carbon.

Well, wasn't released this week, but still good to know about if it hasn't popped up in your peripheries.

In a nutshell, it's supposed to be the TypeScript to JavaScript, and the Kotlin to Java.

Quote of the week

Either you run the day or the day runs you. — Jim Rohn
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