Angular Q&A: How do you create a Smart Container Component?

To create a "smart" container component in Angular, you can use the ng generate component command and include the --smart flag. This will generate a component that is designed to manage data and behavior, rather than just presentational content. For example, to create a component named ProductListContainer you can use the following command:

ng generate component ProductListContainer --smart

This will create a new ProductListContainer component in a product-list-container subdirectory within your Angular project's src/app directory. The component file will be pre-populated with some basic Angular boilerplate code, and will include an import for the OnInit interface from the Angular core library.

You can then add code to the component class to manage data and behavior, such as fetching a list of products from an external API and providing methods for adding and removing products from the list.

For more information on creating components in Angular, you can check out the Angular documentation.

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