Angular Q&A: How do you create a Child Feature Module?

To create a child feature module in Angular, you can use the ng generate module command and include the --route flag to generate a routing module for the new feature module. For example, to create a child feature module named ChildModule within an existing module named ParentModule, you can use the following command:

ng generate module ChildModule --route child --module=ParentModule

This will create a new ChildModule module in a child subdirectory within the ParentModule directory. It will also generate a routing module for the ChildModule with a default route that points to the ChildModule's root component.

You can then add components, services, and other code to the ChildModule as needed. To make the child module's components available to the parent module, you will need to import the ChildModule into the ParentModule and add it to the imports array of the ParentModule.

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