Useful random finds, curated for you

Useful random finds, curated for you

This isn't the first time I've tried to do a newsletter. In part, I've been quite bad with sending out newsletters regularly.

Recently, I've decided to commit myself to 52 weeks of newsletter writing and go from there. If you still remember me (and subscribing to me), thank you. If not - my name is Aphinya and I'm a dev that writes a lot.

Weekly musings

As developers, we are in the business of making things.  There's more to it than just code.

Programming is:

  • a process of turning ideas into tangible digital products
  • the modularization of reusable components that makes life easier for future projects
  • the constant game of trial and error, with each error helping turn us into better-informed developers
  • everyone is a junior at something regardless of seniority and years of experience.

Latest Finds

As I was looking for a better solution to PDF generation, I stumbled into Hybicus. From what I understand, you send the SaaS your data and it sends back a fully formatted PDF based on your settings.

I found it interesting and different because you only have to deal with the process of sending the JSON data and setting up the initial template.  

While not directly dev-related, I did also stumble on a site called keymodels. It's basically a neat collection of major ideas summarized into nice bite-sized articles.  

And lastly, I found this interesting AI-powered code review tool called Codeball. It's still in beta stage but has the potential to slim down your code review times for simple things. I haven't tried it out yet but it looks interesting.

Quote of the week

“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” – John Johnson
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